Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Estimation and mapping soil organic carbon using remote sensing and terrain analysis data    Ph.D    fazeli, mahmood    0000-00-00
2    Study of phytoremediation potential of Salvia officinalis and Mentha piperita using waste water contaminated with Cadmium and Lead.    Ph.D    Amirmoradi, shahram    0000-00-00
3    The effect of organic matter on soil quality and health functions            0000-00-00
4    Effect of organic fertilizers (Humic + fulvic acids ) on different forms of P in soil            0000-00-00
5    Identification of Pb pollution hotspots in Mashhad urban and suburban soils by using Local Moran’s I and GIS            0000-00-00
6    Bioaccessibility of Lead Using Chemical Fractionation, physiologically based extraction test Method (PBET), DTPA and EDTA extractants.            0000-00-00
7    Comparison kinetic and potassium release capability of NaBPh4 and NH4OAc from some micaeceous minerals using sequential extraction method            0000-00-00
8    Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil by composting with organic wastes    M.Sc.    moradi, mjavad    2010-02-09
9    Investigation of DNA changes in wheat (Triticum aestivum ) induced by cadmium using RAPD analysis    M.Sc.    azimi, akbar    2010-05-22
10    Effect of earthworms on Cd and Cu uptake in maize    M.Sc.    azizi, mina    2010-11-08
11    Enhancing phosphorus availability with organic matter enriched phosphate sources    M.Sc.    alipoor, sajad    2010-11-08
12    Effect of parent materials, geomorphic position and land use on the variability of selected heavy metals in Mashhad plain    M.Sc.    safari, tayebeh    2010-12-01
13    Effect of soil amendments on physical quality indices in saline-sodic soil    M.Sc.    khotabaie, mojtaba    2011-04-25
14    Potassium release from k-bearing silicate minerals affected by mineral grain size and the extractant    M.Sc.    hatami, hadith    2011-04-26
15    Effect of organic acids on increasing phosphorus availability in soil for wheat, maize and barley    M.Sc.    Dabestani Razavi, Sima    2011-06-06
16    Effect of biochar on yeild and yeild component of green mung bean irrigated by waste water    M.Sc.    hamzei, ehsan    2011-06-06
17    Effect of extracted and commercial Humic acid and indole acetic acid on growth and development green house straw berry in    M.Sc.    dolatiyan shirvan, nafiseh    2011-06-06
18    Effects of compost and heavy metals application on urease and phosphatase Enzymes activity in two clay and sandy calcareous soils    M.Sc.    esmaeelzadeh farmad, mona    2011-06-06
19    Nitrogen fertilizer time and application rates effect on root physiological characteristics of dry land wheat genotypes            2011-08-23
20    Evaluation of iron nanoparticles for the remediation of a heavy metals-contaminated soil    M.Sc.    sabouri, fateme    2011-10-31
21    Nitrogen fertilizer optimum management for different dryland wheat genotypes using 15N    Ph.D    Feiziasl, Vali    2011-12-22
22    Effects of different levels of urban solid waste compost, sewage sludge and iron chelate on iron availability of a calcareous soil, yield and yield components of Indian mustard    M.Sc.    alsaleh, alaaeddin    2012-01-16
23    Stabilization of Arsenic and Antimony in soils using manganese, iron and aluminum oxides, zeolite and surface modified adsorbents and micorrhizal aided phytostabilization    Ph.D    Bagherifam, Saeed    2012-02-02
24    Comparison of UBM, PBET and RBALP to determine lead bioaccessibility and effect of soil fractions on this index in calcareous and noncalcareous soils.    Ph.D    hafezdarbani, mohammad reza    2012-02-02
25    Effect of diatomite and organic matter on the removal of Pb from polluted soil    M.Sc.    zafarvahedian, faeghe    2012-03-05
26    Effect of 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate (DMPP) and soil texture on nitrogen forms and its uptake by corn    M.Sc.    modaresi, mahdeih    2012-06-11
27    The effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on zinc and cadmium stabilization in soil and influence of ionic strength and humic acid on it’s efficiency    Ph.D    aryabod, samaneh    2012-06-14
28    Syntesis and evaluation of organo-montmorillonite characterstics modified by magnetic nano particles and bacterial exopolysaccharide and their effects on soil enzym activities and microbial biomass    Ph.D    Abolhasani Zeraatkar, Mahboobeh    2012-06-14
29    kinetics and chemical forms of zinc in salt-affected and contaminated soils    Ph.D    sharifi, zahra    2012-06-14
30    Evaluation of TiO2 and Fe0 nanopaticles transport in soil under steady saturated condition by using Hydrus and MNM Models    Ph.D    fazeli, mahmood    2012-06-14
31    The effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on phosphorus fractions following wheat harvest in soil    M.Sc.    Raouf, Salman    2012-10-08
32    Effect Of humic acid and superabsorbent polymer on the growth and N, P and K uptake of maize under drought stress    M.Sc.    Rahmani asl, Maryam    2012-12-03
33    Compositional nutrients diagnosis and foliar application of calcium and zinc to cure boron toxicity in orange orchards in Kohgyloyeh and Boyrahmad province.    Ph.D    Chakerolhosseini, MohammadReza    2013-01-23
34    Isotherm and kinetic studies on adsorption of two heavy metals lead and cadmium in soil by titanium dioxide nanoparticles    Ph.D    Hosseinpour Buri Abadi, Azam    2013-01-23
35    The effect of chemical and organic amendments on improvement of physicochemical properties of a saline sodic soil, growth and chemical composotion of pistachio at field condition    Ph.D    Razavi Nasab, Azam    2013-04-15
36    Effect of arsenic and organic matter on the activity of the enzymes Urease and Phosphatase in a calcareous soil.    M.Sc.    Mozdoori, Ali    2013-05-05
37    Investigation of absorption of nutrient and quantitive and qualitative characteristics of plane trees in Mashhad urban landscape in drip irrigation and subdrip irrigation    Ph.D    pakdel, payam    2013-05-08
38    Study the role of metallic nano particles ( TiO2, Fe2O3) and magnetic field on uptake, growth and yield of wheat    Ph.D    feizi, hasan    2013-05-28
39    The effect of water quality on structural and hydraulic properties of soil    M.Sc.    zaker, masumeh    2013-06-17
40    Assessment of anthropogenic and lithogenic origin of Pb, Cu and Zn in industrial town of Semnan and surrounding areas    M.Sc.    nikravesh, mahdiye    2013-06-17
41    Isolation and Effeciancy of Haloalkalophilic Bacteria on Salinity Stress Reduction in Wheat    Ph.D    Eskandari Torbaghan, Mehrnoush    2013-06-18
42    Distribution of nickel and chromium in particle size fractions of soils on ultramafic rocks along a catena in western mashhad    M.Sc.    akbari, sepideh    2013-07-08
43    Effect of Piriformospora indica and Glomus mosseae on cadmium uptake in corn    M.Sc.    monazam, atena    2013-09-23
44    Effect of humic acid and pseudomonas on distribution and bioavailability of Cu and Zn in calcareous soil    M.Sc.    momtazkari, maryam    2013-10-21
45    Monometal and competitive adsorption of Cd, Pb and Zn by humic and fulvic acids in a calcareous soil    M.Sc.    ghasemi, ehsanallah    2013-11-18
46    Evaluation of TiO2 nanoparticle transport in unsaturated soils    Ph.D    omidi, samira    2013-12-15
47    Efficiency evaluation of various organic and inorganic adsorbents on decreased availability of dissolved cadmium in soil    M.Sc.    khorshidi, fatemeh    2014-01-02
48    The effect of potassium and sodium on clay dispersion, structural stability, mechanical resistance and some chemical soil properties    Ph.D    Farahani, Elham    2014-01-22
49    Chemical Behavior of Coated and Non Coated ZnO Nanoparticles in Tow Soils with different Amount of Organic Matter and Their Impact on Cucumber Biomass (Cucumis sativus L.)    Ph.D    moghadasi brojeni, sahar    2014-01-22
50    Investigation of some morphological and phytochemical traits of (cucurbita pepo )under different organic substrates and different levels of fertilization with GC and IR analysis method    Ph.D    Pajooheshgar, Reyhaneh    2014-01-22
51    Effect of bacterial biosurfactant of petroleum contaminated soil on biodegradation of Acenaphethene and Benzopyrene    Ph.D    soleymani, sahar    2014-06-01
52    Feasibility study of zeolite utilization as mineral precursor of NH4+-K+ fertilizer and its application in corn growth    Ph.D    eslami, mahboobe    2014-06-07
53    Investigation the effect of aluminum oxide(Al2o3), silica(Sio2) and organic¬matter on soil physical properties    Ph.D    moradi, navazollah    2014-06-22
54    Detection of siderophore producing Pseudomonas Fluorescence based on genetic molecular methods and siderophore application in hydroponic culture    Ph.D    Fani, Seyyed Amin    2014-06-24
55    Study of some properties of biochars derived from different feedstock and their effects on organic carbon and it’s components and potassium availability in a calcareous soil.    Ph.D    forouhar, majid    2014-07-01
56    Investigation of heavy metals (Ni and lead) purifying plants on sewage sludge of Mashhad industrial town by 4 species of grass in addition to the comparison and identification of above metals assemblage location in each species of grass    Ph.D    mahmoudzadeh, mahdi    2014-07-06
57    Investigation of nano-hydroxyapatite efficiency in cadmium immobilization and its environmental risk assessment in soil    Ph.D    farzanegan, zohreh    2014-09-08
58    Effect of some conditioners on evaporation rate from the soil surface    M.Sc.    shahraki, fatemeh    2014-11-10
59    Effect of humic acid on phosphorus movement in calcareous soils    M.Sc.    Mahmodi, Hasan    2014-11-10
60    study the capability of municipal wastewater in Parkand Abad and its effectiveness on soil structural properties and introducing the best suitable plant species    M.Sc.    hajinamaki, saman    2014-11-24
61    Iron nanoparticles synthesis via green (by some medicinal plants) and liposome carrier methods and its application as iron nano-fertilizer    Ph.D    kaboli farshchi, helale sadat    2014-12-02
62    The effects of Organic matter, Salinity, Zn (II) and Cu (II) on the adsorption of Tetracycline by Montmorilonite    M.Sc.    Lotfi, Ali    2015-01-12
63    Effect of layered double hydroxides (LDHs) on phosphorus adsorption in aqueous solution and the evalution of phosphorus release from these compounds in a calcareous soil    Ph.D    Hatami, Hadis    2015-01-28
64    Effect of Polyacrylamide and Magnetite Nanoparticles in Control of Water Erosion, Runoff and Heavy Metals Mobility in Soil    Ph.D    Roshani Zarmehri, Mohammad Reza    2015-02-14
65    Kinetics of Pb, Zn and Cd release from contaminated soil in the Rhizobox    Ph.D    Bahreini, Mahdi    2015-03-10
66    Wheat response to different rates of selenium under cadmium and salinity stress    Ph.D    Atarodi, Basir    2015-04-25
67    Effect of Cow Manure on Distribution of Chemical Forms of Cadmium in Soil in Corn Rhizosphere    M.Sc.    Lotfi, Faezeh    2015-09-14
68    The effect of carbonate mud on removal of heavy metals ( Ni2+, Zn2+) from soil after using compost leachate in maize cultivation    M.Sc.    motahari, farzaneh    2015-11-23
69    Impact of residue management of wheat and sugarbeet on some soil properties and soil quality under field conditions    M.Sc.    fatemeh, ghoreyshi    2015-12-21
70    Effects Of Silicon On The Growth And Alleviate Cadmium Toxicity In Wheat    Ph.D    Bahrami, Elham    2015-12-26
71    Study the effect of methyl jasmonate on morphological, biochemical characteristics, content of phenolic compounds and secondary metabolite of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under lead toxicity    M.Sc.    asadi, somaye    2016-02-09
72    Effects of earthworm density, washing substrate and time on chemical properties of vermicompost derived from cow manure    M.Sc.    Hashemi Bidokhti, Emad    2016-04-11
73    Study Compatibility mechanisms of Medicago to lime-induced chlorosis (iron deficiency) in Different levels of lime in soil    Ph.D    Gheshlaghi, Zahra    2016-06-11
74    : The Effect of Bentonit, Calcium chloride and Humic acid on Reducing the Sunburn, Cracking and Some Quantity and Quantitative Characteristics in Pomegranate Fruits    M.Sc.    khosravi, katayoun    2016-08-08
75    : Evaluation of the effect of Humic Acid extracted from sugarcane by-products(filter cake) on phosphorus uptake in sugarcane    Ph.D    behravan, hamidreza    2016-09-28
76    Study of Biofilm production by Pseudomonas fluorescence and Phanerochaete chrysosporium and its effects on soil biological activities and clean up of crude oil-contaminated soil    Ph.D    Tarkashvand, Maryam    2016-11-14
77    Synthesis and Application of Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs) for Absorption and Exchangeability of Boron in Water and Soil    Ph.D    fattahi kiasari, ebrahim    2016-12-04
78    Effect of Citric Acid, NTA and APAM on Phytoremediation of Nickel by Maize and Helianthus annuus    M.Sc.    mohebbinajmabadi, elham    2017-02-06
79    The application of Fe0Nps in calcareous soil for decontamination nitrate in polluted water    Ph.D    Khoshkalam, Ehsan    2017-05-10
80    Sorption of Cd by nanoclay bentonite in the presence of humic acid in soil suspension    M.Sc.    shahedi, sara    2017-07-05